Shades of obsession is the first book in a sexy series
written by J.R. King. The novel is very intense in how
the story unfolds. Yet it is bold, it is sexy. But  this
story also has a very dark side that can easily draw
the reader in. I liked the way the author cleverly
revealed the main characters Alexander and Elena
personalities with their positive sides as well as their
flaws. Alexander is a successful businessman and
the type of guy that can get any woman he wants, but
instead wants Elena. It becomes his obsession
despite her involvement with another man. Alexander
seemed to have his own issues and seems to be
fighting with his own “demons” He is the type of
character that you will either love or hate because of
his sometimes cocky and domineering personality but
also has wit and charm that any woman could love.
And Elena  who is young and at times insecure
learns that submission is an ultimate form of
gratification for them. Once the romance is ignited
between Alexander and Elena the story takes a turn
and becomes even hotter with sexy scene that made
me blush and smile at the same time.   The author
did a good job at creating a story that was bold, and
unapologetic especially since it deals with risque
topics such as S&M, rape, kidnapping and even
eating disorders. But the story flows well, and is
cleverly thought out.

This is  a romantic thriller that pushes the buttons on
what we consider erotic or even romantic, but it is
indeed sexy, dark and twisted. If you are looking for a
story to help you escape, then Shades of Obsession
is a good story to read.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks
Bare Back Magazine
Book Review
Shades of

J.R. King

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