Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 3

Arabella’s Dilemma
An Erotic Fairy Tale
by Pippa C. Foxworth©

Once upon a time, in a kingdom faraway lived a beautiful maiden called Arabella.  She
had long, flaxen hair and beautiful eyes the shade of the sky on a clear blue summer’s
day.  She was a delight to behold with her slim, tightly corseted waist and full riding
bosom that always seemed to spill over the top her restraining, but exquisitely guilded
bodice.  As she gazed out of her bedroom window, twirling a soft lock of her hair through
her fingers, her mind wandered away to her latest.  His cum was still sticky on her lips,
slightly stinging in the back of her throat.  She swallowed again. Savouring the taste, she
explored the corners of her mouth, running her tongue lightly over her lips seeking to
remove the last remaining silver traces.  As she longingly watched her latest leave,
Arabella missed the drips that had found their way down her chin into the deep cleft of
her generous breasts, or else, she would have fished them out and devoured them, too.

Arabella could feel the fluid heat of her pussy juices oozing down her thighs, and
seeping into her satin underskirts.  The aching sense of fullness at the top of her thighs
persisted.  She could not help but groan with frustration and the throbbing was almost
too much to bear.  She turned from the window as he rode away and collapsed into her
rumpled bed sheets.

Yet another had tried to deflower her, but failed.  “Damn this curse!!” she hissed as she
raised her skirts and attempted to appease the angry red petals between her legs.  
Instinctively, she moistened a finger.  Not that she needed to. Her juices were smeared
between her thighs and glistening in her golden pubic hairs. Arabella tapped her clit and
gently strummed the two painfully swollen lips.  She tried to finger her hole, but her sex
was so engorged, it was swollen shut.  Arabella moaned.  She traced the outline of her
breasts gently, and then kneading firmly, for her corset was binding, found her hard
small nipples.  She pinched and tugged as best she could.  Growing increasingly horny,
she forced her hands down into the top of her corset, fishing out her large, soft pillowy
bosom.  Arabella lifted both breasts to meet her outstretched tongue, so that she could
savour the tight, pink rosebuds.  As she flicked away at them, circling the areolae, her
fingers found the sticky remnants of cum that had escaped her lips nestled deeply
between her breasts.  She coated her fingers with it.  Eagerly, she reached down to
tenderly caress her rearing clit with what remained of the cum juices.  With the first
stroke, she heard a flurry of footsteps outside her door.  She righted herself immediately
with the first rap on the door, her breasts perched painfully atop her corset.  “Time for
the banquet, My Lady!” an impatient courtier called through the door.  “I’ll be right
down.”  Arabella replied.  Quickly, she donned her shoes, straightened her tiara and
smoothed her gown.  She tugged at her bodice, as she attempted to stuff her unruly
breasts back into her dress as best she could.  With a final glance in her ornate full-
length mirror and a quick toss of her ring-letted locks, Arabella made her way to the
awaiting carriage.

The bumpy five-mile journey over the cobble-stoned road to the banquet did none too
good to quell the rising unresolved feelings still deep within her.  

Every movement of the rocky carriage contributed to her already heightened state.  The
carriage was dark and she traveled alone.  She slipped off her shoes and raised her
layered, frilly skirts.  The soft rustle of fabric was almost lost in the hurried clash of
hooves on the cobbled street.  Arabella again moistened her finger, seeking those
tender pink lips.  She steadied herself by bracing her stockinged feet widely against the
wall of the rocking carriage.  Moaning, she kept her finger motionless on her clit.  The
rocking carriage was sufficient for now.  Feeling herself swell, she slowly slid her finger
back and forth, over her clit.  As she touched her inner lips, they felt so stiff and
engorged, so painfully sweet.  She strummed her pussy lips, pulling, caressing, rubbing,
and tapping her clit ever so gently.  She glanced out of the window.  “Almost there…”
she thought as she attempted to force a finger into herself.  Poor Arabella.  When she
was incredibly horny, her pussy lips got so large that they swelled shut, making
penetration impossible.  She made a ‘V’ with the forefinger and thumb of one hand and
attempted to pry her pussy lips apart with it.  The action made her groan with painful
pleasure.  With the other hand, Arabella attempted to penetrate her opening, slowly
worming her way in, between the full slippery lips, as her juices trickled down her hand.  
Agonizingly sweet pain engulfed her center, as she encountered her maidenhead.  She
tried to push through the pain, but to no avail.  Her maidenhead would not give.  Not to
be deterred, she flicked her clit in her typical cum hither fashion that always got her off.  
She felt it coming now. Breathing hard, she intensified her clit strokes, releasing the
pinned labia, as they schlupped softly together.  Arching her back, Arabella pulled back
the foreskin covering her protruding clit. She pressed in on it, rubbing hard.  The raw
sensations engulfing her bare clit were too much to bear.  Arabella exploded.  Her pussy
juices spewed high out of her, arcing through the night air in pulses, soaking her
underskirts, as she writhed in ecstasy.   Arabella cried out loud, and then caught herself,
turning to muffle her sounds.  She managed to pull herself together just in time as the
carriage arrived at the ball.  She tumbled out of the carriage on weak, damp legs.
Kicking her sodden petticoats to prevent them from sticking to her legs, Arabella made
her way inside.

As Arabella entered the banquet hall, she collected her thoughts.  She was here to find
the one man who could deflower her and give her full release. Failing that, she would
have any man who could do the same and end her torment.  The hall was exquisitely
decorated.  Soft lighting, delicious treats, and a stringed quartet, softly serenading the
diners.  Arabella joined the guests and ate, but the conversation grew dull.

Her mind strayed to her dilemma.  It all started at the grand ball held in honour of her
twentieth birthday at her Grandfather’s castle. Arabella had developed a crush on Wyatt,
a handsome young knight at the Castle.  She fantasized he would be her first.
Unbeknownst to Arabella, Wyatt was said to be courting Drucilla, a young sorceress’
apprentice, who had in reality bewitched him.  Wyatt despised Drucilla, but could never
tear himself away from her.  It was Arabella that he loved.  When Arabella saw Wyatt at
her ball, she seduced him away to the garden, where beneath a large oak, his eager
cock plundered her mouth.  Drucilla suddenly appeared then, having searched for Wyatt
everywhere.  The shock of seeing Wyatt, britches encircling his ankles, plunging his
organ into Arabella’s hungry mouth was too much to bear.  She roared at them.  
Startled, Arabella pulled her head away from Wyatt’s cock.  Arabella withdrew so roughly
that the great suction she had created made Wyatt forcefully ejaculate long spurts of
semen that smacked the face and breasts of his terrified lover.  Drucilla cursed them:
Arabella would forever flow with copious wetness, but her maidenhead would be
impenetrable to all but Wyatt.  Wyatt was banished into the unknown.

Arabella glanced around the room, scanning the dancers for someone new to help break
the curse.  “Slim pickings”, she mused to herself.   Faltering on her search to find Wyatt,
she had unwillingly resigned herself to any man who was able. There had been a myriad
of nameless cocks that attempted to pierce her unyielding maidenhead without success.
Tears welled in her eyes as she contemplated a life of perpetual virginity.  Her heart
sank. She hurriedly left for the garden, not wanting the other guests to see the tears
streaming down her face.

She took shelter under a large tree, her chest heaving from the exertion of her sorrow.  
Her tears flowed freely now.  She lifted her skirts, in an attempt to comfort herself again.  
Opening her legs, she found her sweet spot.  Arabella’s fingers glided over her button,
playing cum hither with it.  Moaning, she collapsed against the trunk of the tree. Her
copious juices flowed through her skirts and seeping into the earth as her excitement
grew.  Arabella braced herself against the mighty tree trunk, digging her heeled shoes
into the ground for anchorage as she heatedly stroked herself.  As her pussy watered
the earth, the great tree shuddered, as if seeking to seep up her juices.  When Arabella
climaxed, this time her juices squirted into the ground, saturating the earth around her.  
The tree rumbled and with a loud crack, the trunk split in two, throwing her roughly to
one side. Terrified, Arabella struggled to her feet as best she could, only to look up and
see her long lost beloved climbing from the belly of the tree.  “Wyatt!” she called,
running to his arms.  “Arabella my beloved, I thought you would never see you again.”  
He explained that he had been banished to the oak by evil Drucilla.  Arabella looked up
and about her.  In her deep sadness, she had not realized that this was the very same
tree under which she had first tasted Wyatt’s cock.

Wyatt gathered Arabella up into his arms, and gently laid her out on the dried leaves
littered about the ground.  He cradled her head in his arms as he tenderly kissed her
lips.  “I have waited so long for you, Arabella”, Wyatt said.  “And I for you.  Now I know
why I could not find you anywhere,” She replied.  “ I was convinced I would die intact.”  
Wyatt, wanting to remove that horrible possibility from ever coming to pass, gently parted
her legs and climbed atop his long lost love.  He lovingly rained kisses on her face, neck,
and hair.  Wyatt hands searched the back of her bodice and finding the fastening, pulled
on it to free her breasts.  Arabella sighed as he gathered them up, burying his face in
them.  Wyatt tongued their peaks, and in turn spanned her areolae with his mouth, trying
to leave no pink exposed.  Moaning his name, Arabella gripped his waist with her legs. “I
want you now, “ she whispered, brushing his ear with her lips.  Wyatt eagerly obliged.  
Pushing his britches from his legs, he threw her skirts higher, as his hard cock sought
her soft wetness. Accustomed to painful attempts, Arabella braced herself.  Feeling her
stiffen, Wyatt reassured his lover.  Although he wanted her desperately, he tried to
restrain himself from driving his cock straight through to the very center of her.  Arabella
breathed hard in anticipation.  Wyatt pressed into Arabella’s pussy, through her pain,
parting the tight, full lips with his rigid cock.  When he came upon her maidenhead, he
nudged it with tip of his cock at first.  She groaned in sweet agony.  He hushed her.  
Kissing her lips sweetly, he tore through her maidenhead with a sharp upward thrust of
his cock.  Waves of pain engulfed Arabella, as she realized Wyatt was completely
embedded within her.  Groaning, as he buried the root of his cock in her tightness, Wyatt
began the first of many tender strokes within his lover’s pussy.  As Arabella’s pain turned
to pleasure, her bloody wetness ran clear and she thrust her hips to meet Wyatt’s.  The
lovers heaved and sweated, their groans filling the garden, as birds fluttered away from
their night roosts.  Arabella rode these new sensations of pleasure to their natural
culmination.  As she came, she cried out, flooding Wyatt’s thighs with her juices.  The
rhythmic pulsations of Arabella’s pussy squeezed Wyatt’s cock with such force that he
too came. Abandoning restraint, Wyatt gripped Arabella’s hips and pummeled into her,
spewing jet after jet of hot cum deep into her belly.  Spent, the lovers lay in the leaves of
the moonlit garden.  The curse had been broken.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and with a flash of light, evil Drucilla appeared.  
Arabella had a plan.  As Drucilla approached, she quickly whispered to Wyatt, “Seduce
her!”  Puzzled, he agreed.  They met Drucilla with kisses that led to fondling.  Taken
aback her rage soon turned to desire. Drucilla grabbed Wyatt’s cock roughly, “Fuck me,
now” she grunted. Without missing a beat, Wyatt vengefully threw Drucilla to her knees,
driving his thick angry cock into her gaping hole. Wyatt stormed Drucilla’s pussy
mercilessly as she groaned with pleasure.  Meanwhile, Arabella positioned herself so
that Drucilla could lap her pussy.  As Drucilla licked, Arabella’s wetness flowed.  With no
maidenhead to stem its flow, the wetness quickly watered the tree once more.  The tree
stirred as Drucilla licked and fingered her enemy.  As Wyatt neared his climax, he fucked
Drucilla ferociously until he erupted with a shout.  Burying himself balls deep in Drucilla’s
cunt, Wyatt unleashed a torrent of punishing cum that battered her pussy with each hot
squirt.  Wailing, Drucilla bucked and writhed in exquisite pleasure under Wyatt’s
exertions as his cum welled out of her, splattering the leaves beneath them.  It was then
that Arabella came too, with a mighty gush that was sufficient to crack the tree open
once more.  Arabella jumped to her feet and with Wyatt’s help, she swiftly pushed the
evil Drucilla towards the open tree trunk.  Realizing she had been tricked, Drucilla put up
a valiant fight, fueled by jealousy and unquenched desire. She wanted her release and
she most certainly did not want to be trapped inside the tree, horny forever.  However,
after a grand struggle, the young lovers managed to keep Drucilla in the bowels of the
oak long enough for the tree to swallow her up.  Horny, evil Drucilla, was never to be
seen again.

Elated, the Arabella and Wyatt embraced and made their way back to the castle.   

They lived happily ever after.  

The end.
Fairy Tales Can Cum True...
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