Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 9

Coming Beauty
(An Erotic Fairy Tale)
by Gina Lee

Richard uses his sword to pierce the heart of the dragon. Immediately,  it bursts
into flames and screams as it begins to shrink. The burning dragon falls onto the
thorny moat surrounding the castle where Arelia sleeps. As it shrinks, Richard loses
sight of it and runs toward the moat where he sees Serpentia’s true form – the evil,
hideous witch.

Knowing Richard will break the curse on Arelia with his kiss of love, she shouts one
last curse before her last breath is taken.

“You will feel nothing but lust for your dear Princess Arelia! You will never
truly love her!” she shouts to Richard in her dying breath. Her body becomes
a pile of ashes.

Serpentia’s last words alarm Richard. He must awaken Arelia from her enchanted
sleep, but is afraid of the curse Serpentia has cast on him. He begins his walk to
the chamber where Arelia sleeps. Up the winding steps he goes to the highest tower
that sits farthest from the rest of the castle.

He imagines their first kiss.

Kneeling over Arelia’s body and gently pressing his lips against hers.
Then he reaches his hand to her face and starts drifting down her neck to her breast
and rubs her.

“No!” he says, shaking his head, hoping to shake the image from his mind. “This can’t be.
I fell in love with her in the forest. Her voice guided me and I saw her dancing with the birds and
singing to the creatures of the forest. How can Serpentia’s curse be so strong in her dying breath?”

Every time Richard envisions Arelia, he gropes her breast or reaches under her dress.
His tongue slips deep into her mouth. He is afraid of the curse. He reaches the door where
Arelia lies behind. His heart races. He opens the door and sees the fairies watching over her.

“Richard! You made it!” Maywether says, as she runs to embrace him.

“You killed her then? Serpentia?”

“Yes,” Richard answers with a nervous tone.

“That is truly good news!” Petals says.

“Yes, truly! Go see her, my prince!”

Organza takes Richard’s hand and guides him to Arelia. He looks over her
perfectly still body. She wears a long pink dress hiding her secrets beneath it. Her
long blonde hair flows over her shoulders and the sides of her breasts.
Her cleavage catches Richard’s eye. He imagines his erect penis sliding in and out of
the valley between her breasts as she squeezes them together for him with her
nipples peaking between her fingers, as she smiles at him, gazing into his eyes
with desire. Disturbed at this image, he looks away from her for an instant, but
cannot help looking back at her.

“What are you waiting for?” Maywether asks.

“Yes! Wake her, Richard!” The fairies say at the same time.

“Oh, he must be shy,” Petals laughs.

“We should leave them be then,” Organza says, grabbing the other two fairies by
the arm and fluttering out the open window.

“Hurry!” They say together.

Richard wants to tell them about Serpentia’s curse, but does not. Instead, he watches
them fly out the window. He turns again to Arelia.

“I must wake you in any case,” he says. He kneels over Arelia’s body and presses
his lips softly against hers.

Arelia awakens from her enchanted sleep by something warm against her lips.
She opens her eyes to see she is being kissed by the man she saw in the forest – the
man she fell in love with instantly. Richard pulls away when he notices she is awake.

“Arelia?” He says.

“Yes,” she responds.

“Where am I? What am I doing here?”

The last thing she remembers is being in the castle with a golden spindle.  She does
not realize she was poisoned until the prince begins the story of Serpentia’s trickery.
He tells Arelia everything except Serpentia’s last curse.

“I’m so grateful,” Arelia says as she takes his hands in hers, rubbing his calloused knuckles.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Richard,” he says staring into her eyes. He sees himself kissing her again with the same
vision of groping her breasts. He looks away from her.

Arelia notices his shyness.

“Is something wrong?” She asks.

“No. Nothing,” Richard faces her and answers, but he could no longer keep his hands off
her. He reaches out and wraps his fingers around the back of Arelia’s neck and pulls her
to him. He kisses her again, but with great passion. His tongue slips between her lips. He
feels her struggle at first with her hands pressed against his chest, but she does not fight long.
She too embraces him. Her hands holding his face as close as possible to hers. The tips of their
tongues meet. They feel each other and experience one another.

The back of her neck tingles and she feels fluttering in her stomach. She uses her tongue to
stroke his. Her tongue rolls around his then she engulfs him, sucking his tongue ever so gently,
foreshadowing what is to come. He enjoys it and lets out a gentle moan.

She releases his tongue from her lips then looks into his eyes. She stares into the deep blue
ocean staring back at her. All she sees is love, a yearning love filling her soul. She shies away,
embarrassed of what is coming over her, but not being able to resist him.

Arelia takes his hand in between hers and raises him to her lips. She kisses his pinky and
makes her way to his index finger where she takes in a bit more than just his fingertip.
Sliding his finger out between her lips, her tongue glides under him. She takes his finger
in again, deeper this time and slides him out slowly, rolling her tongue around his finger as she
pulls him out between her lips. She then sucks his whole finger into her mouth again and explores
the creases in his knuckle with her tongue, staring into his eyes, seeing anxiousness, eagerly
waiting for what is next.  

As she plays with his finger, she uses her other hand to rub her fingertips down his side. When
she reaches his firm buttocks, she squeezes his cheek to see just how firm he is then moves to the
inside of his thigh. His muscles tighten up. Using the palm of her hand, she feels his
excitement and finds herself getting aroused. She curls her fingers around his erection and rubs
him up. Then down. And up, squeezing just a little harder as she approaches the tip. He groans.

She slips his finger out of her mouth. Still rubbing him with her right, she uses her left to push him
down onto his back. On her knees, she straddles him reaching down to unbutton his pants. Slowly
she pulls his pants down, pulling his erection down with it and when it reaches over the head of his
penis, like a catapult, his penis is released into a naturally standing position.

Arelia slides herself lower along his body while pulling his pants down and off of him.
Richard takes off his shirt and reaches down to her hands and slides her up to come face to face
with him, but when she reaches his erection, she pushes his hands away then smiles at him. She
begins kissing his testicles, tasting a bit of him with her tongue, but wanting more. She reaches as
far down as she can with her tongue then slides her tongue flat up along his sac. Her tongue
glides along the left then along the right then up the center all the way up his shaft to
the tip. She reaches down again and takes in almost the entire sac into her mouth and sucks,
rolling her tongue in circles, letting out her own enjoyment through soft moans. She does this a
few times and each time, her teeth press against him.

His body tenses with pleasure.

“Oh, Arelia,” he calls.  Her lips lock around his head and suck gently. She rolls her tongue around
the tip. He becomes even harder. While sucking, she rubs her fingertips lightly over his sac. He
moans again. She slides Richard’s engorged penis into her mouth until the head reaches the
back of her throat and wraps her hand around what she cannot fit into her mouth. Bobbing her
head up and down and stroking what she cannot take in, she glides her tongue up and down
following her lips and her hand following after. She squeezes him as she rolls her tongue around
the head then flicks the tip ever so softly.  

Richard moans louder.

He wants her. He wants to feel her. He reaches down and this time, he does not give Arelia a
chance to push him away. He grabs under her arms and slides her up his naked body, but he
wants to feel her skin, not her dress.

Richard now lies face-to-face with her and leans in to give her a kiss. Their tongues meet and
wrestle together. He reaches around her back and loosens her dress then rolls her on her back.

He slides the dress off slowly, revealing her most feminine qualities and kissing each succulently
as more of her body is exposed to him.

The dress is off. He slides the undergarment blocking his entrance down and off her ankles. He
lifts her leg and kisses her toes one-by-one then moves up the inside of her ankle and up her
long, soft, delicate legs until he reaches his prize – the reward for saving her, for loving her.

Arelia feels her juices flowing out of her. She has never experienced anything like this before,
but knows she wants to satisfy Richard in any way possible. She waits anxiously to feel his penis
enter her, but he does not let her yet. Instead, she feels the warmth of
his tongue inside of her.

In and out, he goes. Up and around her labia then back inside her vagina. With gentle perfection,
he sucks on her swollen clitoris, rolling his tongue around her.

He lets go and slides his tongue into her again, as deep as he could possibly go,
rubbing his nose onto the most sensuous part of her body.

Her back arches with pleasure, moaning uncontrollably and becoming louder the deeper he goes.
She bites her lip, enjoying what she is feeling. She reaches down and runs her fingers through his
hair and moves to his ears, rubbing them as he licks her, sucks her, and slides his tongue inside
of her. She moans loudly, but still she wants to feel something more. She wants to feel him inside
of her.

Her fingers make their way down to his chin and pull on him to look at her. She gazes into his
hungry eyes and pulls to guide his face to hers so she might kiss him with the utmost passion, but
he stops at her breasts. Her nipples are perfectly swollen for sucking. He squeezes her breast,
protruding her nipple. She watches his tongue glide around her nipple and something
unexplainable comes over her. Every part of her body tingles, but one part tingles more than
any other, the part that wants to experience him the most.

She watches him suckling her, groping and squeezing what part of her breast he can’t fit into his
mouth. He takes her nipple between his teeth and pulls gently until her nipple pops out. He sticks
his tongue out and begins flicking her nipple with the slightest touches then makes circles around
her areola with his tongue flattened down. She lets out outrageously gratifying moans.

Finally, she feels something creeping between her legs. Is it finally him? All this pleasurable
teasing enticing her, making her yearn for her true love. Her excess juices will make it easy
for him to slide into her, but he lets in only the tip for now.In and out. In and out. Each time he
comes out, he goes deeper inside of her with ease from all her juices flowing out of her.
Deeper he goes and she feels nothing but pleasure and moans with every inching push and pull.
With every pump, deeper he goes until he is completely enveloped by her and remains
there long enough for her to tighten herself and loosen herself, making Richard
moan with every tightening. They moan together with overwhelming gratification and
relief. Richard pumps slowly at first making sure Arelia’s juices cover his entire penis. He then
thrusts into her with passion. Again they moan together. In and out. Several times.
Faster until he feels he will come too soon and pulls out of her. He kisses her, sucking her tongue
into his mouth.

She pulls away with a smile. She wraps her leg over his legs, gently pulling as a signal to turn
over. With ease, they roll and now he lies on his back so Arelia could have her way with him.
She leans in and kisses him, wrestling with his tongue for some time. When she pulls away, her
teeth grab onto to his bottom lip softly until there is no more lip to hold onto. She then leans to the
side of his face where she nibbles on the most tender part of his ear. Using her teeth and tongue,
she caresses his ear and knows he enjoys it with the increasing moans he lets out. She glides her
tongue around, making her way in towards the center. As she licks, her hips move to find his
rested erection. She is still so wet as she slides him into her with ease.

They both moan. Arelia does only what her instincts tell her to. Atfirst she lies on him, moving up
and down pressing against his hips. She goes faster. It feels better. Faster she goes, not knowing
what else to do, but from Richard’s moans, she knows he is enjoying this as much as she is.
Faster and harder she slides up and down, slamming her hips down onto his as she feels him deep
inside of her. Faster she goes and closer to ecstasy she reaches.

She feels Richard’s enormous hands on her perfectly round buttocks, practically covering both
cheeks. His grasp gets tighter as she thrusts still faster and harder. She then feels his hands
moving closer together and then his finger pressing against a part of her she never thought would
be touched by anyone but herself, but an overwhelming feeling comes over her as her body
shivers and ecstasy ripples through her body. Her climax is like nothing she had ever felt
before. Surely she knows what an orgasm feels like, but this is an experience she was never able
to feel by herself and it seems to last forever.

Her outrageously loud moaning and groaning signals to Richard to push as deep as he possibly
can inside of her. He too moans with her come, but he is ready to go a little longer.   

When she finishes, she kisses him passionately. Her hands embracing his face. Her tongue
reaching deep inside his mouth. She sits up with him still inside of her and smiles at him. Her long
golden hair parted just enough to cover her nipples. Richard reaches up and pulls her down onto
him once again. Flawlessly, he rolls her onto her back, keeping himself inside of her and begins
thrusting into her.

He feels her delicate hands holding onto his hips, guiding him how deep and how fast to push into
her, as if letting him know what is making her feel good. That is what he wants, for her to feel more
ecstasy. In and out she guides him. Deeper. Faster. Faster.

Suddenly, Arelia grabs as much of the prince’s rump as she could into her tiny, most feminine
hands. With each thrust, she feels closer to coming again and the closer she feels to coming, the
tighter her hands grasp and the further she pulls him into her. Deeper. Faster.

They moan together, but Arelia is much louder than Richard and her moans become higher in
pitch the harder the prince pumps. Deeper.

Richard finds the right spot. The princess lets out an ecstatic moan louder than her first. As she
comes, he pushes into her as deep as he could without pulling out at all. The princess digs
her nails into each cheek and breaks the skin, leaving wounds of love. Her body tingles all over
from the neck down. This come feels so much better and lasts even longer. Digging her nails into
his buttocks is not enough. She bites into the prince’s shoulder, still moaning with such

Richard excited with the height of Arelia’s come, is ready as well. He comes at the same time and
releases himself into her. He feels the curse released from him as well.

They both moan with the utmost passion and ecstasy. And still, it seems to last forever.
When they finally finish, Richard kisses Arelia and pulls himself out of her and lies on his back.
Arelia turns on her side to face him and lays one leg over his, puts her head on his chest, and
tucks her other arm between their bodies. She lays her free arm over him next to her face and falls

Richard lies awake, rubbing Arelia’s soft skin with his fingertips. He thinks about Serpentia’s curse,
wondering if the love he had just made was truly out of love or lust.  

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