Fairy Tales Can Cum True...
Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 5

Dark Knight
(An Erotic Fairy Tale)
by Juliet Brooks

Once upon a time there was a Queen and before her stood a multitude of
people for her territory was quite expansive. The King was a noble man;
however, much to the dismay of the Queen, he was quite distracted by
the arena games, gambling gold, and had a taste for the chambermaids.
He was a selfish man consumed by his own desires and left many of the
duties of the monarchy to the Queen.  The Queen, as versatile and
dominant as she was, found these duties demanding much of her time.  
Coupled with that fact that she had two princes under her wings, her pride
and joy, she decided the King was of no further use to her and had him
silently beheaded under the cloak of darkness. Adorned in black satin, the
Queen and her princes bid the King farewell.

Much to her demise, the needs of the kingdom’s dwellers were too
demanding for her to satisfy alone. Bad seeds, they were, for they had no
desire to plow their own fields, plant their own crops, and harvest the
rewards of their hard work. Much disappointment consumed the heart of the
Queen.  Her chosen dwellers had become totally dependent on the Queen
for their survival.  She was saddened for she had given them much in
hopes of their learning to become independent of her; but, alas, she had
only taught them complacency.

The Queen slept. In the morning, she had made the decision to behead
all dwellers that took from her, leaving only those that showed any signs
of self-worth.  Armed with wielding weapons and her gallant knights at
her side she plodded onward never looking back for she knew the
kingdom would still be there.  It was only the burdensome dwellers that
would be gone forever.  

As the sun set deeply behind the mountains, the Queen turned her horse
to return to her castle.  She was alone. Her gown was soaked and torn
to shreds; yet, deep inside her forbidden emotions were erupting as hot
lava from a volcano. She prodded the stallion into a trot.  Her horse
was gentle; yet strong.  As she relaxed from this day’s turmoil, the
saddle felt warm and hard between her legs rubbing her gently as the
stallion swayed to and fro.   

The stallion had also tired; so, she dismounted to walk him by foot. As
she focused her eyes toward the castle in the distance, she caught a
glimpse of a figure obscured by the mist of the moat.  When she finally
reached him, she realized it was a young man that she had knighted just
a fortnight ago.  He was strong, loyal, free-spirited, and a fearless
warrior. Standing beside her in battle, he possessed every quality
necessary to have earned his title. Their eyes met, both of them aware of
the loneliness that surrounded them.  At that moment, it was her desire
to have him take her; but, her only thoughts were that the full moon
would not allow him to see where time and battle had eaten away at her

His hand brushed the hair from her face.  He pulled her closer to him.
She could feel his breathe on her cheek for they were both still
breathing hard from the passion of the battle. The Queen was overcome
with desire for him.  His hair was soaked with sweat.  She raised her lips
to him in hopes that her desires would become satisfied.  He kissed
her…gently…both hands in her hair.  She could taste the saltiness of lips
as he took her tongue into his mouth. The Queen was at his mercy.  This
young lad had touched her where no hands could reach.  She unfastened
his amour and dropped it to the ground.  He kissed her again, this time
more forceful, more passionately.  The Queen opened her mouth to savor
every taste and texture of him. Her tiny hands reached out to touch him
and began to search every inch of his body; every muscle now tense and
throbbing.  She caught her breath as his lips released hers to seek
out the warmth of her breasts now beaded with salty, glistening drops of

He placed his foot upon the stone wall.  The Queen raised her dress to
straddle his leg. The sheath of his sword was cold and hard between her
legs; but, it felt refreshing from the heat of the night. His tongue
tantalized her as he circled her nipples.  Her hands grasped his wet
hair pulling him closer as he took her nipple into his mouth. She reached
down to release the belt that bound his clothing.  He grasped the sword
and slowly, ever so slowly drew it back and forth against her warm,
wet flesh.  Feeling that she would reach her moment too soon, the Queen
stepped away; but, this lad was now overcome with passion for her.  As
she turned to walk away, he grabbed the sash of her gown; the knot of
the corset was at his beckon.  He untied her dress and it fell to the wet
grass exposing her nakedness to him, both body and soul. She was wet
with the anticipation for him to touch her where she had not been
touched for many fortnights.  She felt his lips on her back. His hands
reached between her legs as his lips and tongue lightly nibbled at her skin.
She turned to face him. The Queen’s anticipation is so heightened at
this moment that she has briefly felt a stirring of the ecstasy to come.
His strong hands grab her thighs to gently prod her legs apart.  His
tongue slides gently onto her womanhood.  She grasps at his hair to guide
him. As he takes her clit into his mouth, she is overcome and must now
relinquish to his desire to make her feel like the woman that she is.

This young knight, so pure, so innocent and in the face of danger that
he himself may be beheaded in the morning, fears nothing. All sense of
logic has fleeted him for his desires to have her at this moment has
overwhelmed him. He gently lays her down in the soft, wet grass.  She
opens her eyes to the starry, night sky.  The whole world lies before her
at this moment.  The Queen closes her eyes again as not to be
distracted from what is about to become her ultimate fantasy, for she
has loved this lad in the depths of her soul; a sweet taboo that was a secret
known only to her.

He stood naked before her.  The sight of him is more than she can bear
for he is what she desires most at this moment.  She feels his weight
upon her as he mounts her.  Her legs open wide and her hips arch up to
receive him.  She can hear him breathing in her ear and he expels a low
moan of satisfaction as he enters her; an animal waiting to take its
prey. Finally, he takes her, just as she expected; slowly at first, then
with force. She grabs his buttocks to pull him deeper into her warm,
wet canal.  Aware that he is approaching his moment, she can restrain
herself no longer for he feels so full inside her. He emits another low
groan as he spills his seed into her.  They come together as one.

They lie still in the wet grass savoring every moment of their release.
It was very dark now for the moon had set behind the mountain.  A
nightingale sang far off in the distance. They lie there together in the
wet grass.  The late summer breeze was blowing across their naked
bodies bringing rejuvenation to their tired souls. She gently kissed me as he
slept beside her. It was at that moment that the Queen realized she
was not alone in her fight for this knight, this young soldier, brought
her promise of new conquests.

The End.
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