Fairy Tales Can Cum True...
Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 2

Faerie-ly Bewitched
An Erotic Fairy Tale
by Brett J

As the fire crackled and popped, Callista looked up and saw the beauty of the full
moon. It was a few minutes after midnight, Samhain had begun and the Goddess had
blessed her with a beautiful evening for it.

Although she was skyclad, Callista wasn't in the slightest bit cold. The fire warmed
her and in a few minutes, she knew she would be getting even warmer.  Almost HOT.

Her heart beat faster as she awaited what she knew was about to come. As it had for
the past ten years at this time. As it always would, she knew in her heart. Blessed Be,
her soul almost leapt with joy.

She heard the crack as a foot stepped on a twig, yet she did not have to turn her
head to know Maeve was there. Her Maeve, whom she loved more than life itself. Her
Maeve, who owned a piece of her soul.

Callista turned to see Maeve standing in the clearing, the irradescent glow of yellow
falling from her. Beautiful, she would be so eternally, Callista knew. The twinkling
around her illuminating her sweet, soft face. Her long blonde hair, like spun silk,
trailing nearly to her waist. Many was the time Callista had gazed into Maeve's violet
eyes. Many was the time she had kissed those soft, bee-stung lips that were as
sweet as honey, pliant and yielding. She saw Maeve's wings fold back, in a few scant
seconds, Callista knew they would disappear for the night and the glow would fade,
leaving only her Maeve, her lover.

Callista walked slowly and Maeve's arms enfolded her, holding the slightly-smaller
woman to her bosom. Their kiss was tender and loving, yet hinted of passions yet-to-

Maeve ran her fingers through Callista's chestnut hair, which now hung down to her
buttocks. She smiled at her stunning lover.

"Truly, 'tis good to see thy beloved visage once again, most beloved!"

Callista swatted her on the ass and said, with a giggle, "Stop talking like that!"

Maeve's peals of laughter joined with Callista's. "Okay, but as you recall, when we
first met, that was the way I spoke."

Callista remembered every second of their meeting.  It seemed like only yesterday.  
Callista had practiced her arts for many years, helping friends wherever she could,
preparing love potions, saying prayers for those needing love, trying to enrich the
lives of those she touched. She worked at an animal shelter 3 days a week and wrote
in her spare time. The children of her town loved her, even if some of the adults
thought it strange that an admitted "witch" lived among them.  But only a close-
minded few ever trouble her, most saw her for the good, gentle soul she was.

Callista never forced her beliefs on anyone, that is likely why she was easily liked by
almost all. Her striking appearance didn't hurt. She was nearly 6 feet tall, with curves
and ample bosom, her mother used to say. Her hair was thick and full, her teeth
straight and white. It was her emerald eyes that got her the most attention, every
lover she had ever been with had told her that.

Callista had her share of dalliances, with both men and women alike. She didn't hide
her sexuality, she enjoyed sex fully, sex magic was empowering. Nor was she a
tramp, but there was no one with whom she felt a kindred spirit. Alone sometimes in
her small frame house, shared only with Boo, her cat, she ached for the love so
many others knew.  Sex was wonderful, but was there no one to whom she could give
her heart?

One night, her thoughts strayed to those of sexual pleasures. She was skyclad, of
course, and was about to finger herself to orgasm, when she thought she heard a
voice. She listened for it again.



"Callista." The voice seemed far away, yet it was clear. Someone was calling to her.
She answered slowly as she realized who it was. Blessed Be, it was her Goddess.
"Yes, bright one?"

Again, the voice spoke. "Many a time have I heard you cry out and many a time have
I thought of answering your call. What is it you desire most, my dearest Callista?"

Callista's answer came without a moment's hesitation. "Oh Goddess, I yearn for what
many others have been granted. I yearn for a love, a passion, that is mine and mine
alone. I yearn for a kindred soul, a soft, gentle lover." Unbidden, the tears trickled
down her cheeks.

The voice said to her "It is in my power to grant this to you, oh most faithful of
servants. On the eve of Samhain, go to the woods near your home. Your kindness,
your devotion to myself and others will not go unheeded. Blessed Be, oh sweetest of
my servants."

Some might have questioned their very sanity, Callista did not, even for the briefest
of seconds. A few weeks later, on the 30th of October, she did as she was told and
went to the woods behind her home. She brought provisions and a tent to sleep in,
not knowing what was in store, yet her heart was filled with joyous anticipation.

There was a chill in the air, but she chose to be skyclad, it was otherwise a beautiful
evening. The sky was clear and the stars were clearly visible, she felt very at peace
with her surroundings.

Once again, Callista could sense the presence of her Goddess. The voice was once
again soft in her mind and soul.

"Callista, turn and receive the blessing you so richly deserve."

Callista did as she was instructed. There, in the clearing, stood the most beautiful
sight she had ever seen. For all of her life, Callista would recall the first moment she
laid eyes on her beloved Maeve.

"The blessings of the Goddess and my Queen Titania are upon thee, fair Callista. I
am thine, to have and to hold, I shall be thy friend, thy lover, if thou wilt have me."

Callista smiled and saw her smile returned. Even though she was devout in her
beliefs, she had never thought she'd ever behold one of the Faerie realm. She had
assumed they may be legend, or lost to this world forever.

As if sensing her thoughts, the vision before her spoke, the tone as melodious as
any song she'd ever heard. "Nay, there are fewer of us, to be sure, but as long as
some still believe, our race endures."

"So why hasn't anyone ever seen you?"

"We of the Faerie are only visible at certain times of year and only by those pure of

The beautiful creature walked towards Callista and took her into her embrace, a soft
kiss caressed her lips. "I am called Maeve, if I may, I will call thee my beloved."

Callista couldn't help but giggle slightly. "Do they still talk like that where you come

A puzzled look came over the young Faerie's face. Young, Callista thought – for all
she knew, this thing of beauty could be years, perhaps even centuries, older than
herself. "We don't speak in that manner any more Maeve, but no matter. We have
time, all the time in the world, to know each other."  She smiled at the beautiful Faerie
and that smile was returned in kind.

The beautiful Faerie and Callista sat on the blanket and talked, at times Callista
could not wrap her head around the fact she was having a conversation with
something – someone – she would have considered a myth scant hours before.  No
matter - with every word Maeve spoke, Callista was enraptured.

Maeve told her that the Goddess had requested someone special to be the
companion of her dear Callista. Queen Titania – the one from Shakespeare's plays,
no less – had hand-picked Maeve to serve the wishes of the Goddess.

"I am thine, for now and evermore, beautiful Callista. When the moon is full, I will be
able to come to thee, to love thee, to be loved by thee. In those times, you shall not
age, no time will pass. Until the break of day, I will be thy lover."

Maeve was true to her word. She made love to Callista that night and it was beyond
words. It was like being caressed by the wings of a butterfly, it was like being stroked
with stardust. Callista's body was alive and her heart was filled with a joy she had
never known before.

Maeve was true to her word. She came on the next full moon and they made love
again. Callista wanted to bring her lover to her home, to share her bed, but Maeve
was afraid. Callista soothed her fears away with gentle kisses and caresses.  "I won't
let anything or anyone harm you, my darling!"  she said as she took Maeve's arm.

The two lovers padded through the forest, naked, until they reached Callista's home.
She lit candles and made love to Maeve on top of her down comforter, the sweet
faerie girl orgasmed and squealed and delighted in the first experience on a bed.
Callista was astonished to find out her lover was still a virgin.

"You've never had sex – with a male of your species?"

Maeve shook her head and her eyes looked downward. "It is not permitted in the
court of Queen Titania, my beloved. Our bodies are for her pleasure alone, but yours
were the first hands to touch me in desire." She leaned in and kissed Callista on the
lips, thrilling both of them.

Over the next number of years and months, Maeve learned about the world she
visited and she taught Callista many things as well.

Maeve seemed to delight in television, even if she couldn't understand the concepts
behind it. Maeve found Game Shows hysterical, so Callista taped them for her and
she delighted in the peals of laughter her lover made as she watched them. Callista
also noticed that Maeve's speech patterns were adapting more, although her voice
still had that lyrical tinge to it that had attracted Callista from the beginning.

There were many small delights to which Callista could introduce to Maeve. The
simplest things, like the taste of a Heath chocolate bar. Ice Cream. Pepsi Cola [ "The
bubbles tickle, beloved" Maeve told her ]. Maeve brought new joy to Callista's world,
it was as if she was seeing the world through fresh eyes.

Maeve would come every full moon and spend evenings in the fervent embrace of
her witch-lover. They ventured outside in the evenings, making wild love wherever
they could, once daring enough to have sex in a neighbor's pool while they were on
vacation. At daylight, Maeve would sleep, looking so innocent and beautiful it was
hard to believe what a sexual little wildcat she could turn into.

When the full moon passed, Maeve had to return to her own world, but Callista no
longer felt the pangs of loneliness. She knew Maeve was thinking of her and it gave
her time to think of new ways to surprise her Faerie playmate upon her return.  The
love she shared with Maeve was worth the long wait, her heart was full of rapture.

Recently, Maeve had shown a predilection for wilder, kinkier, nastier sex. She still
liked being caressed, licked and massaged, loved the strokings of Callista's soft
fingers on her labia, but she wanted to feel a hard dildo penetrate the lips of her
cunt. She'd become more vocal, more daring in the last number of years.

"Oh darling, fuck me, fuck your Maeve, I'm your servant, oh my darling, beautiful
lover, fuck me, fuck the hell out of me!" Maeve would yell as Callista's probing fingers
stroked in and out of Maeve's horny pussy. Maeve came every time and her juices
were sweeter than anything Callista had ever tasted.

Maeve was also one of the most giving lovers Callista had ever known. Far from
being jealous of Callista's dalliances when she was away, Maeve seemed to thrive on
hearing about them. She loved hearing Callista's adventures with men, she loved the
thought of Callista being fucked by big, hard cocks, up her tight pussy and sweet,
rounded ass. Callista would masturbate in front of her sweet lover, remembering
every moment of the latest male conquest fucking deep inside her wet, heated cunt.

In the early days of their budding relationship, Callista had taken great pains to be
gentle with Maeve. Despite the fact this beautiful creature was much older than she,
Callista knew she was an innocent, a pure thing, in many ways.

Nowadays, she'd learned that her sweet Maeve was thriving on their joint sexual
escapades. She loved seeing Maeve try on new, sexy clothes. The pretty Faerie
loved sexy shoes, she thought them fun and "kicky". She loved being attired in
teddies and negligees, sheer, sexy fabrics made her very randy. She loved trying on
the cute little panties that Callista would buy for her and delighted in teasing Callista,
urging her beloved to "take them off baby – with your teeth!"  Callista would squeal
with laughter at that, she complied with the request happily.

Callista delighted in Maeve's continuous evolution. She adored the fact that on her
last visit, Maeve had cut her long, thick blonde hair and was wearing it short. She was
giggling hysterically as Maeve showed it to her.

"What's so funny?" Maeve wanted to know.

"Here honey, we call that a `Pixie Cut'". Maeve stuck out her tongue at Callista, who
now roared with laughter. Next time, Maeve's hair was longer again.

Maeve's attentions were having a positive effect on Callista as well. With Maeve's
adept tongue licking at her pussy, her soft lips nudging the clitoral bud into erect
firmness, Callista was becoming more vocal in her needs. She'd yell out "Eat me,
suck that pussy, you magical bitch!" and reward her playmate with gushes of her
sweet juices when Maeve complied.

Maeve would become more aggressive at that. She seemed to have the key to
Callista's body, she knew what buttons to push. Her sharp little teeth would clamp
down on Callista's nipple, Callista would scream from the exquisite pain. Her body
would arch upwards as spasms of pleasure jolted her body. Maeve's fingers would
trace the countours of Callista's frame, she'd nip gently at Callista's clit and Callista
would reward Maeve with another scream of joy.

The last time, Maeve had wanted to fingerfuck Callista's asshole. She'd never done
that, she was slightly averse to the idea at first, but once Maeve did it, it was like an
electric shot traversing her body. Callista came as she never had done before.  She
realized now that nothing they did together would ever be wrong, their union was
magic in all ways.

Callista was re-invigorated by her lover's talents. She was horny all the time, the
lovers she chose walked away exhausted, but happy. Callista's magics were never
stronger, she felt healthy, rejuventated. She rarely felt sick now, she couldn't recall
the last time she'd had a cold, or the flu.

As her thoughts slowly drifted back to the present, Callista was feeling Maeve's
tender hands massaging her flesh. She lay on her back and let her lover caress her
cares away. With every stroke of Maeve's knowing fingers Callista's body tingled, she
awakened, she mewled with pleasure and her desire increased.

"You're so responsive, you're the hottest lover I've ever had!" Maeve said to Callista
with a knowing smile.

"I'm the ONLY lover you've ever had, unless you're keeping secrets!" Callista said to
Maeve, who grinned mischievously.

Callista rolled over and Maeve lay on top of her. She was so delicate, her weight was
negligible. Their nipples pressed together, their soft lips met, touched, tongues
wriggled against tongues. The heat in the room was palpable, Maeve wanted to ask,
it was time.



"It's time. I know you've been afraid of hurting me, I know that, we've talked about it.
But I want to know you in EVERY way, beloved Callista, and so ... "

Callista's heart was racing, she was fearful. She didn't want to hurt Maeve, who she
loved more than anything in this world or the next. But it was time, Maeve was right.
There was only one sexual barrier the two had not yet broken.

Callista sighed and walked to her bedroom closet. She reached into her favorite box
of toys and pulled out a large, flesh-colored dildo. "Are you sure darling?" she said,
looking over at Maeve. The beautiful Faerie nodded and for the briefest of seconds,
her glow seemed to return.

"There is nothing I would not give you, my Callista, and yet, you have seemed to
reluctant to take my virginity. I offer it to you, I want you to fuck me, to make every
part of me yours. I want to feel your body thrusting against mine, I want to be your
sweetheart and – your slut!"

Every moment that Callista spent with Maeve, she fell more in love with her. It had
been a number of years, yet Maeve was as stunning, as loving, as fresh as the day
they had met. She could deny Maeve nothing, not even this.

The sexy smile that came over Maeve as she moved towards her lover filled Callista's
heart with confidence. She would be taking her virginity, a precious gift, but every
moment with her darling Maeve had been a precious gift for which she was eternally

She applied a brief coating of lubricant on the dildo and kissed Maeve's lips hungrily,
smiling with joy as she slid the dildo into Maeve's tight, unfucked cunt. Maeve
grunted, ever so slightly and Callista picked up the tempo, fucking her lover a little
quicker now.

"Fuck, oh lover, fuck me deeper darling!" Maeve squealed as the dildo moved in and
out of her delicate, tiny frame. She had her legs locked around Callista's back,
drawing the rubber cock and her lover closer, loving the feeling of something hard
filling her at last. This was worth the wait, Maeve felt, to feel the hardness of the dildo
and the sweet, soft woman she loved in tandem, ravaging her body – nothing had
ever felt this good.

The look of bliss on Maeve's face as she was taking the dildo in deeper was almost
an aphrodisiac to Callista. She concentrated all her efforts on pleasing her loving,
devoted Maeve. Her hands roamed all over the lovely Faerie's body as she fucked
her, tenderly at first, but as she heard Maeve's screams, Callista began to fuck her in

Maeve's nails, so delectably and sharp, were digging into Callista's back, furthering
her ardor. "Like the cock, my little Faerie slut?" she grimaced as she drove the toy
deeper and deeper into the girl. Little whimpers escaped Maeve's lips, letting Callista
know just how much she did indeed enjoy this, her first fuck.

Her body quivered in response to the fucking toy, Maeve's senses were spinning at
the wanton act her Callista was performing on her. She could see the fire in her
lover's eyes, fucking Maeve would only heighten that fire, which Maeve knew full well.
She began to move, almost instinctively, in rhythmic passion to her lover's thrusts. All
her hot little cunt could take, Maeve would accept. She lived to please Callista, even
her beloved Callista did not know to which extents the lovely Faerie would go to
ensure her happiness.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuck" Maeve sing-songed as the humungous shaft moved in and out of
her. She was glowing naturally, Callista from the fine sheen of perspiration that
covered her body. Together, the two playmates could romp for hours, never tiring.

"Ohhhhh FUCK!!" Maeve said, finally reaching her first fuck-induced orgasm. Her
body shook in delight, the tears streamed unbidden down her face.

Callista kissed her sweetheart and moved away, intending to get a washcloth to help
clean up the mess. There was no trace of blood to be found, no evidence at the
taking of Maeve's virginity. She turned to Callista and asked her "Is something amiss,
my love?"

Callista shook her head. "There's no blood."

Maeve looked at her again. "Blood? Why would there be?"

Callista told her "When women lose their virginity, their hymen is broken and it

Maeve smiled. "Women of your race beloved, not mine. We are creatures of passion,
of magic. Nothing we do sexually is painful or distressing."

Callista cuddled her closer. "It must be wonderful."

Maeve smiled at her and said "You'll know that feeling someday Callista, I promise

Her cryptic comment puzzled Callista, so she asked her what she'd meant by it.

Maeve explained "There is magic in our relationship, my love. One can not lie with
one of my race and not be affected by it. Have you not noticed you are barely aging,
you look nearly as youthful as you did all those years agone, when first we met?"

Callista had assumed that it has been her Pagan lifestyle and healthy lifestyle habits
that had kept her youthful, but Maeve explained further.

"We of the Faerie love eternally. Those of us who dally with mortal men – or women ..
" Maeve said, pinching Callista's nipple " ... share some of our immortality with them.
You will live a long, happy, sexual existence, my darling."

"But I will die someday?"

"In a sense, yes."

Callista's curiosity was piqued. "What do you mean?"

"I have petitioned the Bright Lady and Queen Titania on your behalf. When someday,
your mortal shell does pass from this earth, you will be born again as one of us, a
Faerie. Your beautiful soul shall be with mine forever, beloved."

Callista's heart was soaring with joy, she could hardly believe her ears. "You mean,
I'll be like you?"

Maeve smiled. "Well, not just like me. For one thing, you're kinkier and much more
educated about sex than I!"

Callista giggled at her. "Well, I guess we have lots of time to fix that, don't we?" she
said with a lewd, suggestive smile.

Maeve began trailing her tongue all over Callista's body, nipples, tummy and down to
her dripping, wet pussy. "All of eternity, my love. All of eternity."

They lived happily ever after.

The End
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