Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 8

Two Fairy Tales for One: Peter & Lil Sexy Red Riding Hood
(Erotic Fairy Tales for the Adult Mind)
by Erotica Writings


Peter was a very horny man who walked around with his hands in pants. He would lust after the
young women of the forest until he came upon the wood’s nymph who could not get enough sex
to put her burning desire out. No matter what Peter was doing the wood nymph would seek him
out and sexually exhaust him. One of those typical sex filled days the wood nymph dropped to
her knees and began to pull Peters pants down. Peter was shocked and could not figure out
what she was going to do to him. He gasped when she placed his erection in her mouth, he
closed his eyes fearing she was going to devour his manhood. Devour that she did indeed,
Peter liked this suction on his now throbbing erection that leaked his glistening pre-cum onto her
tongue. He grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to ram her head and mouth down on
his cock until he spewed his white thick cum down her throat. Peter had never experienced
anything as pleasurable as fucking her face. He decided they must marry so this wood nymph
would always be at his disposal. He knew by marrying her he would also be taking on her seven
sisters to care for under their roof of sexual bliss. The wedding night was not what he had
expected in his bed were all eight sisters pleasuring him in ways he thought were impossible.

Six months later:

All eight sisters were pregnant and Peter was planning his escape before these sex-starved
wood nymphs drained him of all of his thick white cum. He prayed and begged to have his wish
taken back. He no longer craved sex, he now craved just to be left alone. Peter collected his
things while the wood nymphs were giving birth to their children. Peter was seen running fast
and furious as a caged animal would to keep his freedom. The moral of this story? Watch where
you stick your peter or you may get more then what you bargained for.

Lil Sexy Red Riding Hood
by Erotica Writings

Lil Sexy red riding hood fixed her basket of goodies to take to grandma’s house. She skipped all
the way through the woods unaware of the big naughty wolf who was following her with wicked
thoughts of how she could sexually appease him . As lil red was bent over picking flowers for her
grandma the big bad wolf hurried off to granny’s where he tied her up in the closet and then got
under the covers in granny’s bed. He was waiting and getting very horny by the second.
Sexy red entered granny’s house and saw grannys bed room door a jar. She skipped inside and
next to the bed where she pulled the covers back to find the big bad wolf in granny’s night gown.
She tried to run, but he pulled her into the bed and said.

"My I have been waiting for you Sexy Red" He growled

"My what big eyes you have Bad Wolf." She replied.

Better to gaze upon your luscious body sexy Red." He told her as his eyes fell upon her
endowed breast.

"My what big hands you have bad wolf." She purred as he touched her breast and placed his
other hand under her dress to find she had no panties on.

"Better to inspect your body with." He told going under her slip and between her thighs.

"Oh my, what a big tongue you have." She said as she felt him licking her pussy.

"Better to lick you with." He told her as he licked and sucked on her clit.

He could not take anymore and released his rock hard cock driving it into her tiny pink pussy.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he used this huge cock fast andfurious on her

"Oh my What a large cock you have." She chirped

"Better for me to fuck you with." He told her as he fucked her over and over until he could not
fuck her any longer.

Grandma broke free from the restraints and ran out to save her grand daughter who was
enjoying this fuck session. Granny began hitting the wolf over his head with her cane until the
wolf hopped from the bed.

"Why you old horny man! I told you to stop fucking my grand daughter!" Now get out of that
damn costume!

Granny yelled as she smacked Sexy red with her cane.

The moral of the story is if your going to fuck your grandma’s boy friend hide her cane!

The end.
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