Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge - Entry # 7

(An Erotic Fairy Tale)
by David Rasmussen

A variant on Snow White with a lesbian twist.

The moment they first consummated their love sexually. That was still fresh in her
thoughts as she reflected.

She has been masturbating to thoughts of Snowe for unbearable days on days at end.
She had already been friends with Snowe before she first masturbated to thoughts of
her naked step-daughter, but now it was becoming unbearable to be so close to Snowe
day after day yet so far. The only way she could relieve her needs after being close to
Snowe was through masturbation, continuous stimulating masturbation.

The oversized throne in her new private bedroom (once her shared bedchamber with
her “husband”) was odd, but with enough pillows it provided for a rather nice mount to
look into her new “magic mirror” while she masturbated. The magic mirror was a nice
touch, the full length mirror from floor to head once held an imprisoned spirit (mostly
there to ego rub it’s last owner). Once Duske set the spirit free it made the mirror her
personal sextoy, allowing her to record whatever happened before it’s gaze as well as
manipulate the “images” of those before it and make them do whatever she wanted…
this power, incidentally, only extended so far as to imagining Snowe in more and more
kinky sexual situations for her masturbation.

What Duske strived for was that “golden moment”, that split second when both herself
and the fake Snowe would orgasm in unison, two souls cumming as one. Their cries
reaching crescendo as their fingers (or whatever sexual aide was helping Snowe along
in whatever scenario she was in) brought them to climax, tears flowing down both women’
s faces as they came before each other hard and beautifully. This was the least Duske
could seek out, she reasoned, a perfect orgasm in an imperfect one-sided “relationship”.

At least that, if nothing else, was the only perfect thing about this situation.

Still, she thought as she pulled her gown up revealing her nude bottom, her sex already
moist from anticipation, she could hold off just a little bit more before relenting to her
desires. The feel of her gown on her lower body, the pillows grazing her inner thighs and
sweet sex, her thoughts focused on what she wanted to see Snowe do today (in her
small fantasy scenario played out in the mirror), it all tempted her to start right then and
there. She slowly shifted her weight, enjoying the feel of the soft pillows rippling through
her body while in this seductive position. A light faint breeze from the shuttered windows
blew across her bare skin, the feel of her position made her wetter sending tingles
through her body.

“Mirror, mirror before my gaze. Show me Snowe’s sexual ways.” she breathlessly rasped,
securing herself into position as the visage of Snowe appeared before her in the mirror.
Snowe appeared before her just as she did scant minutes ago as they talked, only this
Snowe was now in the process of disrobing right before the horny gaze of her
stepmother. Her hands slowly, carefully, removing each piece of clothes in turn, teasing
her viewer as she did so, driving Duske wild with each part of her body was exposed to
the older woman. She so wanted it to be the real thing, so she could hold her, pet her,
make love to her. If only she could reach into the mirror, if only to at least draw a kiss
from the fake Snowe, goddess how she wished it was her instead of this hollow image.

She was ready now. Reaching down between her legs carefully, Duske began to tease
herself at first, building herself up for a long sustained orgasm that she knew would only
be minutes away. First her fingers teased the inside of her thighs, slowly working their
way to her hot cunt, each brush stroke upwards bringing a fresh sigh and groan from her
lips. Finally unable to contain herself anymore, she slide two fingers into her pussy, and
began to rub. First softly, each stroke slowly growing in strength and pace as she began
to feed the needs of her womanhood more and more. Faster, and faster, and faster her
hand moved, that’s when suddenly the world darkened as two female hands clasped
over Duske’s eyes.

At first it shocked her, but the immediate soft reassurances of her guest’s voice seemed
to calm her a little. Breathlessly she waited for her “guest” to speak clearly, louder so
she could tell who it was, and as she did Duske felt her heart shudder in shock. “I always
thought I was the only one who felt the way I did.”

Confused, Duske tried to turn her head towards the familiar voice, only to be stopped by
that voice’s strong yet gentle hands holding her eyes shut. “Snowe…” she rasped, “…oh
goddess, you saw…”

“You’re not the only one who jerks off dreaming of things she thinks is unattainable.” she
whispers, “Ever since I first met you I felt a growing urging in my loins, and my heart, that
I couldn’t explain. I thought it was a lament, a lustful reminder of what I lost when my first
love, my mother, died. But the moment I saw you naked that night in the baths, clinging
onto that refresher masturbating, calling out my name, I knew it wasn’t just a mild
fascination… it was much much more.”

Before she could protest, Snowe grabbed Duske dragging her to the bed. As she threw
the queen onto it she stood on the bed grabbing into the complex canopy above the
bed. From it she dragged a harness system down, rolling the queen face down and
strapping her in. She then pulled a lever and she was promptly pulled up (shocked) until
she was suspended dangling, all four limbs on the bed but not really supporting her
weight. “But this isn’t something the men of this kingdom could ever understand. Two
women fucking each other off for their own pleasure, and not just because a bunch of
men are lying around jerking off to them cumming all over each other. For us…“ (clank
clank) “…never for them.“

From this position she couldn’t see what Snowe was doing, but she heard the clanking of
drawers and her gasps as she did something behind her. Seconds later the soft feel of a
fistful of lubricant being rubbed into her cunt registered, then the strong feeling of
breeze against her bare skin as she knew Snowe was changing her position. “Snowe…

“Shhh…” Snowe whispered, leaning forward. “I know what we’re risking if they catch us
together, it’d be such a scandal if your daughter turned to your bedchamber for love…
and horny sex. If only she was a man then it wouldn’t be so shameful… yes, apparently
other kingdom’s queens aren’t so ostracized when they bed their male heirs, but another
woman… that‘s a different thing.”

Suddenly Duske’s face is pushed into the bed’s pillows, her teeth clenched as a thick
(yet manageable) object pressed into her sex piercing her, Snowe’s hands gripping the
queen’s hips as she slowly bucked her back and forth off the strap-on, taking her deeper
and deeper with each swing of the rig. Deeper and deeper it thrusts into her, a few tears
sliding down her face as the sudden pain felt by her penetration sharpened as she
pumped harder, dulling as it slid away into unbearable pleasure. But that was only the tip
of the dildo as she screamed, her daughter grabbing her hard wailing into her with an
unstoppable vigor. Her daughter, half leaned over her clinging on tight, was practically
riding her stepmother as she slammed into her with a vicious vigor, sinking the fake
penis deeper and deeper into her stepmother’s pussy, her body swinging back and forth
on the restraints as her tits bounced with vigor to each dickstroke to her pussy. “I’M
YOURS!!” Snowe cried, teeth clenched in anger as she impaled her fake dick into her
stepmother again and again, “YOUR CUNT BELONGS TO ME, AND MINE TO YOU!!

Duske’s hands gripped the sheets hard, tears flowing as her body began it’s climb
towards climax, intense and yet pained as Snowe dominated her very being. Snowe, wild
out of her mind, banged away without care, her own pain and pleasure spurring her
towards her own vicious orgasm. “SAY IT, BITCH!! SAY YOUR MINE, AND I’M YOURS!!

“YES!!” Duske finally cried, “I’M YOURS!! PLEASE I’M YOURS!! DON’T STOP!! DON’T

It was as if the world was shoved right up her bottom, everything was swinging wildly from
her weird position and the vigor of Snowe’s actions. Finally she was overcome, unable to
take it anymore, crying “FUCK ME” over and over like a chant until finally…

Snowe leaned back, arms jerking back and forth strongly keeping her pace up as it hit.
“Ahh--hhh--hhh-- FUCK!!” she cried, “OH GOODDDDESSSS!!!”

Duske buried her face into her pillows to smother her cries. Goddess, she wanted to
scream, you’re making me cum you slut… that’s what she would be screaming if she didn’
t smother her cries. After long seconds Snowe fell backwards onto the huge bed, curling
up as her hands grabbed the strap-on, jacking away hard.

“I’m cumming… I’m cumming…” she whimpered, after long second her voice yelping as
her head snapped back, and the slick cum covered strap on began jerking in her fingers
hard grip. A soft whirrl caught Duske’s dim attention as she rolled over to look, watching
as the strap on began pumping back and forth, streamlet after streamlet of female fluid
shooting out of a small hole at the tip, Snowe nearly curling into a fetal position as she
dimly jerked herself off, rolling back and forth as the last shots of female cum shot free.
Finally, finally, she collapsed into the bedding sweating hard, the strap on dick, the last
essence of her own cum sliding down the shaft to mix with Duske’s hard earned cum
leaking onto her butt before Duske’s eyes.

“Mine…” Snowe rasped in exhaustion, “Your… mine…”

“Yes.” Duske weakly answered, pulling herself into Snowe’s arms, after pulling away the
strange device from her stepdaughter as she held her… “I’m all yours.”

The room echoed with Duske’s throaty cries as she turned and inserted the tool into
herself in turn now, knowing Snowe was unable to resist her now that she was drained.
Snowe, for her part, slid a hand down between her legs, masturbating with her fingers as
she watched Duske strap herself into the device.

Horny as heck after being taken so fully, Duske forced Snowe’s legs wide open (forcing
her hand away as she leaned in to take her) as she dove hungrily into her pussy,
lapping and sucking away like a woman possessed, all the while her fake dick swinging
between her legs slowly calling for her to mount Snowe.

Snowe, her fingers once prodding and pulling at her erect nipples, turn to grasp the
back of Duske’s head forcing her into her tight pussy, voice begging her to make her

Suddenly Duske wrestles free of Snowe’s grip, pushing the shocked woman into the
bedding hard, her free hand slowly and deliberating jerking back and forth on the still
lubed dick, her breath rasping hard as she felt the magic of the fake penis stabbing into
her mind, making each stroke of her hand feel like she was stroking a real dick between
her legs. Without waiting she fell on top of Snowe, whimpering like crazy as she jammed
herself into her stepdaughter, crying out as her daughter’s still tight pussy gripped her
fake dick as if it was a real penis in her mind. Rising up high she grabbed Snowe’s hips,
wiggling her her back and forth on the fake penis, the widest slackjawed expression on
her face as she threw her head back and cried out. It was so tight! So damn tight! She
felt as if she was going to shoot into her immediately, and she was only just sinking into
her daughter’s twat.

Without hesistation she grips Snowe’s legs for leverage as she begins the slow rolling of
her hips, mashing fake cock into Snowe’s pussy over and over generating a renewed
building of intensity as they both slowly drove to orgasm. So tight, so gripping, so…
goddess Duske wanted to cum right now but Snowe was not yet ready, and she wanted
to come together with her.

Duske rasped as she worked harder and harder, piledriving into her stepdaughter,
compelled by her nearly constant cries of “FUCK ME MAMA!!“ and “HARDER, MAMA,
HARDER!“ as she worked hard into Snowe’s sex harder and harder against Snowe’s
return rolls of her own hips upwards at her, working feverishly to draw the spunk of her
moment through the tool and into her stepdaughter’s cunny.

If only she was a male she’d be laying the seeds of their love into her stepdaughter’s
tummy. Filling her with the gift of life, which would mean nobody could resist their love as
they shared an heir to the throne within Snowe’s stomach…

Duske, lost in the moment, barely registered Snowe leaning back, mouth ajar as she
humped harder and harder to climax, screaming finally “DON’T STOP MAMA!! MAMA‘S

‘It’s really going to happen.‘ Duske thought weakly as she finally registered Snowe‘s
cries, eyes shut as she cried out again and again. ‘I’m going to spend the rest of my
days fucking my beautiful stepdaughter for all my days. Fucking her and loving her and
keeping her heart close to mine. I’m going to be her’s, and her mine, for… AGH!!‘

The pressure built to unbearable heights, and for a horrific minute Duske almost thought
Snowe was lying, and she could never get Snowe off. She would hate her for not fulfilling
her needs, until she felt Snowe’s legs wrap around her, hip thrust becoming tight and
tense, as she cried “I’M CUMMING MAMA!!“

‘Oh goddess I made her cum…‘ (Duske wanted to scream) ‘…here we cummm!!‘

Fucking madly, screaming each other’s name, until at long last… finally… they orgasmed

Hips blindly mashing and whipping back and forth over and over as Duske’s fake dick
spews it’s love deep into Snowe’s pussy over and over again, as her own daughter’s
cunt explodes all over the tool driving Duske wild in turn, their cum running down their
legs and buttocks as their moment rippled endlessly throughout their nerves until they
collapsed quietly in a mess of tangled limbs and panting breaths.

This time it was her turn to crawl into her lover’s grip, drawing the sheets tight and falling
asleep this time for good, not waking until the morning light woke them to their first day
as free women, and free lovers.

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