The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
by David Rasmussen


TOPIC - Best Hentai of 2006 Nomination Process
(voting month)

Welcome to the Best Hentai of 2006 Awards.

For the past few years to date I have been running an in-house yearly
awards (depending on which “house” were talking about) called The
Best Of Awards. Originally started when I was working over at CWN a
few years back, it is presently moved on to my new home in www. (2nd year running), (1st
year) and here (also 1st year).

A few notes on each… & - This year I’m
introducing a new award in the Anime category, for Best PSP UMD
Anime of 2006. Broken up into three categories (Best PSP UMD Mini -
2 Episodes or Movie/OAV, Best PSP UMD Maxi - 3-more Episodes
and Best PSP UMD Company) this is a new selection in the awards.
Also this year the Manga category sees the return of Best
AmeriManga of 2006 as there is more than enough viable selections
this year to warrant it’s return, as previous years lacked any breakout
titles to warrant it’s appearance. - First time we’re doing this for an entirely
Hentai slant. Awards for Best Hentai Anime and Best Hentai Manga
are being voted on. However since this is a first vote it will allow abit
more latitude in voting for first time out, though subsequent voting will
focus on that year’s releases (next year’s Best Of will focus on titles
released in 2007).

(NOTE - Due to the lack of viable availability of Hentai on the PSP
UMD format, though I have seen that there is Hentai on that format
though they are extremely hard to come by as not even Right Stuf
International sells them, there will be no Best Hentai PSP UMD
category this year.)

Nominations are simple, really, for every category given your allowed
to nominate up to a maximum of three titles per category. When the
year ends I’ll gather up the nominations and the top five go-getters of
each category will move ahead to the final voting (January 2nd 2007
to the weekend of the Academy Awards, upon which the Best of 2006
Awards will be picked and announced (more on that later)).

For now here are the categories you’ll be voting on. Look at each and
consider how you’ll want to vote (one vote/e-mail per voter please).
Also remember that this is just the first year out doing the hentai
awards phase so recommendations for new awards for The Best
Hentai of 2007 Awards are most appreciated.

Best Hentai of 2006

Nominations process.

Nominate three titles per category (maximum), however three
nominations are not necessary and blank categories are OK (if you
don’t have any nominations for a particular category).

Send all nominations to me at before the
December 12th, 2006 deadline (due to submission deadlines voting
will be cut off a little early).

Nominees for each category will be announced in January (the start of
the voting for Best of winners).

OK, the categories you’ll be voting on is…

Best Hentai Manga

Best Hentai Manga One Shot or Anthology One Shot

Best Hentai Manga Series (2 to 4 Volumes)

Best Hentai Manga Maxi Series (5 and up Volumes)

Best Hentai Manga Company

Best Amerotica or Eurotica Hentai Comic

Best One Shot or Anthology One Shot

Best Series (2 to 4 Volumes)

Best Maxi Series (5 volumes and up)

Best Company

Best Hentai Anime

Best Hentai Anime One Shot OAV (30 to 60 minutes)

Best Hentai Anime One Shot Maxi OAV (90-120 or more minutes)

Best Hentai Anime Series (2 to 3 Volumes)

Best Hentai Anime Maxi Series (4 or More Volumes)

Best Hentai Anime Live Action One Shot OAV, Movie or Series

Best Hentai Anime “Anime Hot Shots” Format Release

Best Hentai Anime Company

OPTIONAL CATEGORY (voting here is not required, this is optional

Best Live Action Porn Series

Best One Shot or Collection

Best Series (2 to 6 volumes)

Best Maxi-Series (7 and up volumes)

Best Company

Voting Category Requests

Question - Can all of you out there find any hentai on PSP UMD
format? The Japanese can have it but apparently US/Canada release
of these is forbidden (evil), (though maybe Europe has access to
these), but if enough people say they’re getting ahold of it and (thus)
can vote on it I’ll change my mind and put up a category for it.
Requests for a Best Hentai PSP UMD format category (and three
nominations maximum for it) must be in by the December 12th

Next Month

Next month is December 2006, and that means it’s time for my picks
of The Best & Worst Hentai of 2006. Don’t let me influence you, now,
it’s just my picks. Anyway that month also will see the end of the
nomination process (December 12th, 2006) so make sure to
nominate your choices for Best Of before the deadline. Final voting
starts at the beginning of 2007.

Month 3 (January 2007) - Final Voting Begins

Month 4 (February 2007) - Voting Update

Voting Ends on Academy Award Weekend (Saturday)

Month 5 (March 2007) - ? ? ? ? (depends on when the Academy
Awards is held this coming year)

Well, I’ll let you go now. See you next month for The Best & Worst
Hentai of 2006 report. Bye.

Email votes to
(Please write in the title field: "The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards"

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