by Cynthia Howton

Seconds before his hips pulled me close

I felt his heat

Reminded me of home

Of summer’s splash In July’s high day

Of melting ice cream interrupt afternoon’s play

A flash  recalling my joy mingling together

His hands overall

Briefly his breath released his tension fast

My hips friction shift from left to right

As my pulse racing higher

our legs squeeze around tighter

His hands find my back  remove my veil

Caressing skin  warm and well

Weakly then my mind’s asleep

On top of his body my emotions shake

All resolved to finished what began

Our friction rising

We clasp each other’s hands

I close my eyes as his face comes near

I’m  remembering this scent

Of golden rays dancing irreverent

The August evening rushing by

While sprinkling waters mingled fresh leaves and sighs

His odor sweet as air, repeat, as he came closer to me with care

The first time his lips pressed against my skin my reaction swollen freight

For in the moment fear set in, was this for me or him

I asked softly, quivering, do you want this as much as I

His soft lips touched my left cheek gentle, I let go of fierce


For his action caused no coincidence

He needed me I was made sure
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