A Christmas Cuckling
by Flyer©

Twas right around Christmas...
Not a child in the house,
cept for the cuckold
alone on the couch.

The wife was all tasseled
in bobbles and heels,
dressed up for Santa
as she waited with zeal!

When upon the front doorstep
just who did appear?
But a jolly old man
all filled with cheer.

As she sprang from her bed,
"I've got it honey," she said,
while she flauntingly strutted
with a style and sway,
greeting their guest with a kiss and a hey.

Still prancing round in sheer babbydoll gown,
looking mostly like whore out on the town,
She guided their guest to a place to sit down.

Then when up on his lap
she did plop and alight,
sucking her thumb and showing delight,
our little miss nympho now happily sat.

Eyeing her closely
the man asked rather gruff,
"Naughty or nice, which wish could it be?"
As quickly she pleaded, "I like it rough!"

Then in a twinkling and to her surprise,
St. Nick's big O'l dick, started to rise!

So she hurriedly shuffled
and turned herself round,
releasing his mound
all shiny and red!

Now hubby was fine, 'twas nothing a matter
but Santa was quicker, & O' so much fatter!

Bouncing and bobbing, she giggled with glee,
delightfully riding, and not on his knee!
Leaning forward to whisper
"Would you care for some sweets?"
She then leaning back, offered her teats!

Girlishly laughing, from whiskers that tickled,
Santa's lips licked and nibbled her nipples.
Then politely and sweet, and in a blink
Mrs. HO-Honey turned, to gave hubby a wink.

When magic appearing, Santa pulled from his hip
a bright yellow dildo, with a bow on the tip!
Then lifting her high, and twirling her more
Santa planted his Cock, right at her backdoor!

So with hubby a witness
HO-Honey's holes were well stuffed,
and her "G Spot" well hit!
But the wink of her eye and the twist of her head,
gave hubby to know he had nothing to dread.

O'l Saint Nick then did jerk,
and laughed like a sailor, who'd finished his work.
Yes he pumped Honey's butt, full in the rear
while she wiggled and squirmed, her orgasm near!

The Deed indeed done, but owning no ilk,
Santa flipped Honey over,
and offered her hubby, his / her cookies and milk!

Then with his Cock licked good clean,
and wifey's ass a good swack,
away did he go, Saying clearly and low,
"I'll be back!"
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