G-Spot Orgasm Made Easier
by Kylyssa Shay

By now, everyone has heard of G-spot orgasm and female
ejaculation.  We’ve read all sorts of advice on how to find the G-
spot and what to do with it once we do.  Well, as a woman who
now has frequent G-spot orgasms and frequent orgiastic
ejaculations, I have a few more tips for you.

I haven’t always been able to have G-spot orgasms or to
experience female ejaculation; in fact, it’s a rather recent thing
for me.  It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that the two
things “came” together for me.  It has taken a patient and loving
partner to give me the help I’ve needed to have bigger, better
and more frequent orgasms including G-spot orgasms and
female ejaculation.

G-spot orgasm is fairly straightforward – you stimulate the G-
spot until you find out a combination that works to cause an
orgasm.  That’s not to say G-spot orgasm is easy, for many
women it is not.  It’s just the more simple to explain (and do) of
the two tasks.    

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina and can
usually be located by inserting two fingers into the vagina and
making a “come hither” motion.  The G-spot can sometimes be
felt by the ‘feeler’ as a rough spot or a spot that feels different
under his or her fingertips.  The G-spot can also be felt by the
‘feelee’ as an area that creates a different sensation when
touched.  Sometimes, neither ‘feeler’ nor ‘feelee’ can be sure
the G-spot is being stimulated.

To keep things simple, I’m going to explain how a woman can do
this for herself and of course, her partner could do the same
things for her.  

The key is to get yourself sexually aroused by doing whatever it
usually takes to turn you on.  Once you are aroused, it’s time to
start stimulating the G-spot by stroking the front wall of the
vagina with a well-lubricated finger.  Feel free to use a dildo or
vibrator if you can’t easily reach the G-spot without help, either
human or mechanical.  A vibrator, especially the kind with a
bend or protrusion of the tip can be very good for stimulating
your G-spot.   Follow the cues of your body and apply more
stimulation if it feels good.

Take your time and keep touching and stroking your G-spot
until you feel as if you are about to orgasm.  Try to come by just
stroking your G-spot, either with or without vibration, if you can.  
If you can’t don’t stress over it you may need to stimulate your
clitoris to get there.  Once you are about to orgasm,
concentrate on the feelings inside your vagina and contract
your vaginal or PC muscles rapidly and strongly around the
fingers, dildo, or vibrator as you orgasm.  With enough practice
this can lead to ejaculatory orgasms.  

You can learn to control the muscles of your vagina and pelvic
floor through
Kegel exercises.  Kegel exercises also lead to
stronger orgasms of all types as well allowing you to grip a
penis more tightly with your vagina.

To have a G-spot orgasm during sex, some positions can help.  
You can find some suggestions for G-spot friendly sex positions
A Couple of Positions for G-Spot Orgasm

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lascivious hedonist.  She
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