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Her Oral Pleasure
by Mr. Neb©

I whispered in her ear, "I'm going to kiss you like you've never been kissed before." She only
sighed, knowing full well that I was very likely to live up to that claim, given my great
enthusiasm for that particular activity. This was to be no generous act on my part. This was to
satisfy a most primal of urges.

She closed her eyes. I looked at her. We were lying on the bed, naked, she on her back, me
on my side. My erect cock lay long and hard on her thigh. A large drop of precum slipped from
the head, ran around her thigh and slipped between her legs, leaving a slippery liquid trail
behind. Her hair was soft against the pillow. Her eyes were beautiful but closed at that
moment. Her wonderful breasts moved up and down with her heavy breathing in great
anticipation of the attention that she was about to receive.

My hand cupped her firm breast, causing her to emit a tiny gasp. My finger circled the soft
nipple. It immediately to begin to shrink, redden and harden. I leaned down and without
warning, circled my wetted tongue just once around the other nipple. Instantly, it matched the
state of the first. Opening my mouth, I took her nipple in. My tongue swirled around and
around the swelling bud. She moaned without words. Her head swayed from side to side.
Her breathing became erratic and her eyes remained closed. Her legs began to open and
close just a bit. With my mouth open and my tongue circling her hard nipple, I looked up at
her face. She opened her eyes and looked back at me.

"That feels so good", she said. "I like looking at you sucking on my breasts. Mmmmm." She
closed her eyes for just a moment. "I'm getting so turned on. I getting so wet!" she added.

I stopped briefly, whispered to her to "prove it" and then resumed my suckling. She smiled,
knowing full well what I wanted and did not hesitate to do as requested. I felt her body shift. A
moment later, my nose was treated to the exquisite scent that knows no equal. A second
later, my licking tongue tasted the warm nectar for which I continually crave with the intensity
of an addict. It was of course the deliciousness of her sexual wetness, retrieved by her hand
and presented to me for my enjoyment. She slid her wet finger equally about her nipple and
my tongue. The unparalleled slipperiness made my licking even more stimulating for her.
Now I was the one moaning in ecstasy. There is no smell, taste, and sensation that can
compare to that of a woman's sexual wetness!

My hand slid from her breast and down to her legs. They parted as I went between them. Over
her soft mons I moved, savoring the feeling of her gentle pubic hair, inching closer to the
source of her passion, recently made bare, and now truly warm and very wet. Without
penetration I recovered plenty of her juices on my fingers and brought them up to her breast. I
lightly tugged and pinched the nipple between with my slickened index and thumb. I repeated
my journey but this time only swirled the liquid around her nipple. We both looked at the
glistening nipple seemingly dance with excitement. For a third and last time I wetted my
fingers. This time they went straight to my lover's mouth. I slid the majestic fluid across her
lips, coating them with a sensual film. I can think of nothing more erotic that looking at my
lover's mouth as I slide the clear thin juices from her pussy about her lips. She did not lick
her lips or my fingers. I move up to her and kissed her. My tongue licked her wetness. She
kissed and sucked on my tongue. We enjoyed her taste and scent together.

When we were finished savoring her wetness, she looked deep into my eyes and whispered,
"Lick me. Taste me, please. Lick my wet pussy and make me come. Put your tongue into me,

I smiled and knew it was now time. It was now time to do exactly that. I left her for a moment.
She parted her legs to make room for me between them. I watched as she swung her leg up
and around my body. The pink and swollen lips of her pussy reluctantly broke their slickened
seal. Her inner tissues made a squishing sound that signaled the abundance of wetness
being generated inside. I laid down between her legs. My nose filled with the delightful scent
of this aroused woman. There could be no sweeter flower. I kissed her wet inner thigh. I
faintly licked the sensitive crease of her leg. She moaned as my tongue tickled her.

"I want you", she encouraged. "I REALLY want  you to lick my pussy!" I cannot possibly
describe how she said the word "really". That sense of desperation could never be
expressed in written words.

She wanted to visually encourage me as well. She placed her hands between her legs and
opened her lips for me. Her delicious pink opening was wonderfully exposed. It glistened
with wetness. She internally clenched down several times.

As she spoke, "My pussy is so wet," I saw the justification for that statement. Drop after drop
of her juices formed and slipped from her pussy. A virtual rivulet of wetness was escaping
her lovely body. I extended my tongue and placed it below her pussy, damming the flowing
wetness. She released her hands. I licked up with my flattened tongue and did not slid into
her as I went past her opening. Over the hood of her clitoris I went, sensing the hard bud
hidden beneath. I went back and sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. With extreme
gentleness I nibbled at the sweet tasting guardian to her vagina. Releasing it, I slid my
tongue along both sides of the delicious flesh. I repeated the act on the other side.

Her hands returned and opened herself once again for me. My tongue moved in and slipped
deep and hard into the delicate folds of her pussy. My nosed rested firmly against her clitoris.
My mouth was completely covered in her juices. Slowly at first, my tongue swirled through the
wetness. I tickled every bump and fold of the dripping tunnel in praise of the wonderful
sensations that they gave to my cock during previous visits. I withdrew and circled her clit with
my dripping tongue. I slid my upper lip up and down over her clitoris, making sure that my
tongue constantly retrieved and deposited her lubrication right were they were needed. Faster
and faster I went, alternating between deep excursions into her pussy with my tongue, to the
delicate licking of her clit, to the rapid side-to-side caressing of her lips.

She was reaching new heights of ecstasy. Her head was thrashing from side to side. Her
chest heaved in desperate attempts to capture air. Her leg muscles snapped tight and then
relaxed as I played with her. She spoke in both imperceptible whispers and loud screams.
"Oh God. OH GOD! yes...YES. Oh yes! Eat my pussy! Suck on it. Yes, yes. Lick me. It feels so
good! I'm going to come. I'm going to come on your face. I want to COME! MAKE ME COME,

That is indeed what I wanted her to do. My enjoyment of licking and tasting the wet essence
of a woman is boundless. There is no way to describe I how perfectly wonderful I felt at that
exact moment. My face was being literally covered in her juices. My nostrils were filled with
her scent and my lips and tongue were bathed in the slippery and sensual texture of her
wetness. Her climax was exactly what I wanted.

With her words loudly ringing in my ears, I increased my attentions. I was everywhere and
nowhere. I was firm and gentle. I was fast and slow. I was deep inside and out and
imperceptible. She took my hands and gripped them with unusual strength. Her head
pressed hard back into the pillow. Her stomach muscles tightened. Her legs went completely
rigid. She took in a huge breath of air. I knew what this meant. This was her orgasm
beginning to take hold of her body, piece by piece, muscle by muscle. It was upon her and
there was nothing more that I needed to do. I had brought her to the edge of the abyss and
had thrown her over. She plummeted at great speed from that great height. She twitched and
quivered all the way down. At that moment, my tongue was flicking wildly at her clitoris but it
would not matter any longer. My licking and sucking was pointless now. I moved down
slightly and extended my tongue as deep into her pussy as was humanly possible. At best, I
was now along for the ride.

What a ride it was! My tongue was blessed with the countless spasms of her internal
muscles. They tugged and pulled at my tongue just like they did when my cock was in its
place. Just before the end, just before she was to be smashed into post-climactic rubble at
the bottom of the cliff, came the orgasmic flood. In delightful spurts, her richly sweet cum
sputtered around my tongue. It coated my lips and slipped down my chin. Delicious aromatic
slippery cum bathed my mouth and face. This was my reward for only if I had done this well,
could her juices be so gloriously abundant. The feeling, scent and taste were beyond
description. I was truly in heaven.

I did not move until she did not move. Only until she was motionless did I know that her
orgasm had completely left her. Only then did I slide my tongue from her pussy. Only then did
I gently place a faint kiss just below her very sensitive clitoris. Only then did her body relax
and begin to breathe again.

© 2006 Mr. Neb

Mr. Neb is a married professional of middle age.  He strives in all his  stories to bring a
sense of purpose and passion, not just the mechanical  events of sex.  Sex is not just tactile
and visual.  It has texture, smell  and taste.  These oft neglected aspects of sex are major
elements of  Mr.  Neb's stories.  Most of his writings are inspired from aspects of his
real life and his fantasies.  The author welcomes comments and suggestions
from  readers.
Her Oral Pleasure